How to Reset Toner Cartridge on Brother HL-3170CDW Printer

How to Reset Toner Cartridge on Brother HL-3170CDW Printer -After the success of its advanced printer Brother HL-3140CW, this time Brother re-issued an advanced printer called Brother HL-3170CDW. This printer offers fast printing speeds, paper input capacity suitable for both large and small offices, as well as Wi-Fi direct features to facilitate direct printing of smartphones and tablets. There are also Ethernet connectors and duplexing features to print on both sides of the paper at once. Various advantages it has, of course, make this printer is suitable for use in small offices.

If you rarely print documents back and forth, perhaps the duplex features of Brother HL-3170CDW printer will be less useful. But if you make this good printer as an office printer, of course, these features will often be used by your employees. In addition, the duplex feature will also speed up the printing process rather than you having to print back and forth manually. Brother HL-3170CDW is capable of printing very quickly because powered by LED engine. This LED printer works similar to a laser printer, only the difference is this printer uses LED instead of laser to print it.

How to Reset Toner Cartridge on Brother HL-3170CDW Printer:

When you replace your printer toner cartridges you may run into a problem where the printer not recognize the cartridge and still displaying messages indicating that the toner is low or out. Below are the steps to reset the Toner Cartridge procedure.

  • Open the top cover of the printer
  • Press Secure and X Cancel buttons simultaneously until you see BK. TNR-STD on the display
  • At this session, you can select the cartridge model you would like to reset by using the arrow button (UP or Down). The first cartridge is Blk STD Second is BLK STR Next is “C” TNR STD then “C” TNR HC then “C” TNR STR then the same for “M” (3 cartridges) then same for “Y” (3 cartridges).
  • Press the “OK” button, after you select the cartridge you want to reset.
  • Next, press the UP button to confirm the reset process
  • Once reset is selected you will see “ACCEPTED” on the screen.
  • Shut the top cover of the printer and wait for it to go through its stuff until it settles on “READY”

For more details, please watch following video:

Note: Repeat these steps for every single cartridge that needs to be reset (sometimes just one is needed, sometimes all of the need to be reset.) Hopefully the article of How to Reset Toner Cartridge on Brother HL-3170CDW Printer useful for you. Good Luck!

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