Quickly Reset Olympus Stylus 1S Camera To Default Settings

Quickly Reset Olympus Stylus 1S Camera To Default Settings – In 2015 Olympus released a miniature camera as the next generation Stylus 1, the Olympus Stylus 1s camera. This retro style camera is designed in black and has excellent superzoom. This camera is designed with black, elegant colors. Designed with a mini body, making this superzoom camera is very simple and simple to carry anywhere.

As a superzoom camera, here are the features available from Olympus Stylus 1s. There is a 1 / 1.7 “BSI-CMOS sensor larger than average 1 / 1.7” with F2.8, 28-300mm zoom lens, high-resolution electronic viewfinder, hybrid control ring, and Wi-Fi. In digital mode, the ring adjusts zooming or manual focusing, in analog, adjusts settings such as aperture, shutter speed and more This camera also comes with hot shoe for accessories, built-in flash, side zoom with variable speed and step zoom functionality, and two customizable function keys for easy access to commonly used settings. Then there is the Notes filter including ND filter attached, tilt LCD touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi, and 1080p movie recording.

Quickly Reset Olympus Stylus 1S Camera To Default Settings:

To restoring Olympus Stylus 1s to its factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  • Press [MENU] button
  • In-Camera Shooting Menu 1, scroll down and highlight “Reset”

  • Select “Full” and press OK
  • When a message appears select “Yes” to confirm the reset

Caution! Be sure that you want to do this. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of Quickly Reset Olympus Stylus 1s Camera To Its Default Settings useful for you. Good Luck!

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