How to Root the HTC One (M7)

How to Root the HTC One (M7) – The HTC One became one of the favorite smartphone in 2013. HTC’s industrial design team shows their hard work in creating a beautiful phone, cool interface, powerful camera, and of course the strong performance. The name of “One” is selected in the hope HTC phones could be “The One,” or selected phone. HTC M7 is designed with a specification that is more sophisticated than previous generations, the HTC One X. HTC M7 is supported by the 1.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Not to forget, the HTC M7 is also fitted with 2 GB of RAM memory with capacity up to 32 GB of internal storage.

This product uses 4.7-inch screen, which has a full HD resolution with a density of 468 ppi. HTC M7 using a screen that is more sophisticated than the HTC One X which uses super LCD 2 technology, which uses Solux 1080 p screen technology. This technology allows you to get a better viewing angle, the color accuracy and certainly more clearly despite being outdoors. HTC M7 provide photos and audio quality better than the previous version. This product comes with a 13 MP CCD camera with f / 2.0 lens and image sensor Cinesensor makes better quality than the HTC One X.

In this post we will provide guidelines on how to root the HTC One, this device is a high-end device that has a hefty specifications and has several variants.

Terms before you perform rooting on your device:

  • Unlock bootloader on your HTC One
  • Unlock bootloader will erase all data on the phone, so you should make a backup
  • Installed CWM or TWRP recovery
  • Download the root package for HTC
  • Download the BusyBox applications after you flashing the file above

How to Root the HTC One M7:

  1. Copy file into internal memory. And you do not need to extract the file.
  2. You have to go into recovery mode, turn off your device and then turn it on by pressing and hold the volume down + power button until the screen lights up and you will go into HBOOT / bootloader, use the volume keys to navigate and the power to select, Choose RECOVERY option after that you will go into recovery mode.
  3. After going into recovery mode,
    If you are using CWM recovery you can choose the option install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard> find and select the root htc file, confirm by selecting YES, then the process will begin. If you are using TWRP, select the option to install> find the root htc file > then slide the circle below to start the rooting process.
  4. Once the process is complete, reboot your device by selecting reboot system now / reboot the system.
  5. Once the phone is on you can install BusyBox (by Stephen Stericson) can be downloaded from Google Play,
  6. Once installed open the app, and you will see a Superuser window request and you can choose Grant.
  7. Close the Welcome window, and wait a few seconds until the ‘smart install has finished loading message’, close again.
  8. Then select the Install> normal install, this process will install bussybox files and could take as long as 2-min.
  9. If the process is complete it will display a notification window.
  10. Done

Congratulations you have managed to gain root access on the HTC One, now you can do all the things that require root access. Raead also “The easy way to root the LG L90 Without a PC” and more. Hopefully the article of How to Root the HTC One useful for you.

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