The Easiest Way to Root LG G2 Verizon VS980

The Easiest Way to Root LG G2 Verizon VS980 – Flagship Android smartphone from LG usually always carry the brand “Optimus”. However G2 is the first mobile phone made in the Korean manufacturer who takes the name of it and turning to use more simple call. Of course, not only the changed name of the successor to the Optimus G’s. Together with G2, LG also implemented a number of improvements, especially in terms of performance and design. But it can not be denied that the G2 does look interesting. Rows of superior components such as 800 Snapdragon processor, 13-megapixel camera, 3000 mAh battery and a 5.2-inch screen adorning the specifications list.

First look at G2, design changes that differentiate this phone with the previous flagship, the Optimus G, will soon appear. Corners more rounded G2 is designed so that make it not look boxes, like the Optimus G. G2 appearance becomes similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4. LG managed to “hide” 5.2-inch screen belongs to G2 in the frame size is almost the same as the Galaxy S4 (5 inch screen). To do that, the LG diluting the bezel on the top-down and right-left of the screen. The main buttons are also transferred to the screen in the form of softbutton thus saving space. When gripped, G2 somewhat difficult to use just one hand because of the relatively large size so as to make up hard to reach icon on the opposite side of the screen. In addition, some design changes that could potentially confuse users when first tested the LG G2. Where is the power button and the volume of the device is located on the back, precisely under the main camera unit.

On this post Smartphone Clinic will provide a tutorial on how to root LG G2 Verizon VS980 series. This tutorial also work on most LGs from mid 2012 to at least mid 2014. In this tutorial we use Stump Root application and  does not need a computer. Smartphone Clinics is not responsible for any gain or loss incurred as a result of following this guide. Root your device at your own risk.


  • Make sure the battery is at least 70%
  • Enable instalation of 3 party Apps on your smartphone, by open Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Download and install Stump Root v1.2.0 on your LG

The Easiest Way to Root LG G2 Verizon VS980

  • Run StumpRoot
  • Tap Grind

root lg with stump

  • Wait until it says to reboot and do it
  • Now install SuperSU from the app store
  • Finally, uninstall StumpRoot after you’ve installed SuperSU and rebooted

For more details, please watch the following video:

Congratulation! Now your LG G2 Verizon VS980 was rooted. You can verify that your LG G2 Verizon VS980 is successfully rooted or not by downloading Root Checker App on Play Store. Hopefully the tutorial of The Easiest Way to Root LG G2 Verizon VS980 useful for you.

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