Brother MFC-L2740DW Toner Error Reset Procedure

Brother MFC-L2740DW Toner Error Reset Procedure – As printers All-in-One, the Brother MFC-L2740DW have good performance. This printer is able to print black-and-white documents with sharp quality with the support of fast dry ink so as not to make the paper prints dirty because the ink is still wet. This printer also has the ability Fax, Scan, and Copy which certainly can support the work of its users, especially for the office segment or small and home business. Another thing that certainly supports all-in-one printer features is the speed of Print, Scan, and Copy of Brother MFC-L2740DW, where the speed is also quite fast even though it has been set in a high-quality setting though.

What is also the hallmark of this AIO printer is the ability to access Wireless so it also makes it easier for users who are out of reach of computers to be able to use the printer via mobile devices with additional application support. The shortcomings of Brother MFC-L2740DW is the result of Scan ADF is still less sharp and visible spots on the results of his scan. In addition, the control panel in the form of touch screen panel that became the main control Brother MFC-L2740DW also quite small and a little difficult to control, especially if the user has a large hand or finger.

Brother MFC-L2740DW Toner Error Reset Procedure:

When you replace your printer toner cartridges you may run into a problem where the printer not recognize the cartridge and still displaying messages indicating that the toner is low or out. Below are the steps to reset the Toner Cartridge procedure.

  • First, open the front cover of the printer
  • Then, press the pound sign button (#) for about 5 to 10 seconds until you enter to the Reset menu
  • At this session, you can select the cartridge model you would like to reset. Scroll down to select the option.
  • Select the cartridge model you would like to reset by tap on the screen
  • When the RESET? appears, tap YES to confirm the reset process
  • Once reset is selected you will see “ACCEPTED” on the screen.
  • Close the front cover of the printer and press the HOME button

For more details, please watch following video:

Note: Once you get to the reset menu, DO NOT CLOSE LID because it won’t let you reset the selection. You have to keep the lid open for the machine to allow the reset to take place. Hopefully, the article of Brother MFC-L2740DW Toner Error Reset Procedure useful for you. Good Luck!

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